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Luxe Hair 27.5g Keratin Building Fibers

27.5g Keratin Building Fibers Luxe Hair Filler is a cosmetic product made from 100% All Natural Human Hair that allows men and women to conceal the appearance of thinning hair and bald spots, giving the impression of more hair. Luxe Hair Filler does not re-grow hair or stop hair loss; rather, it is only a cosmetic product that hides baldness. Luxe Hair Filler is the only product using natural human hair. Nothing looks more natural than real human hair. 

Luxe Hair Filler is a quick, easy and painless way, to end the suffering and replace it with a full head of hair! Hair Loss hits Hard When you first realize your hair is thinning, or balding, it’s hard not to feel affected. Regardless of age, for most of us, thinning or balding hair is a problem. The quality solution for a quick instant easy result where nothing looks more natural than real human hair ingredients found is Luxe Hair Filler.


Dark Brown
Medium Brown
Light Brown
Medium Blond
Light Blond