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November 25, 2023

              A key part of beauty is fashion. Someone can be fresh out of the salon with perfect skin, nails, and hair. They can be practically glowing but if the outfit does not compliment them, then sad to say it can all be for nothing. If the person feels good, then great but many people (even though they claim they do not care about other’s opinions) dress to impress others. When putting together an outfit, there are many factors that must be considered to ensure that the outfit and overall look attempting to be accomplished is done successfully.

              Many believe that the price tag of the outfit is the main factor in whether the ensemble is suitable (no pun intended). One can be dressed from head to tow in expensive designer labels like Louis Vuitton or Gucci and still look tacky or ill-dressed. The brand is to be an attribute of the wearer, the wearer is not supposed to an advertisement billboard for the brand. The goal is not to overdo it nor is the goal to underdo it. It is all about doing it correctly and to the point that a statement is made.

              The days of wearing jeans, Jordans and a plain white T-shirt to black tie events are hopefully gone for good. Also, to be suited and booted to attend a backyard barbeque also completely misses the mark. Dress for the occasion. Standing out is always good, but make sure you stand out for the correct reasons. Going to a parent teacher conference wearing a business suit can be appropriate. If under the blazer the only thing in between your skin and the blazer is a diamond encrusted bra is not the look for school even though it may pop at a club or a lounge.

              There are plenty of places to get great clothes that are long lasting. These clothes cost more than disposable clothing because they are built to last. To invest in some great fitting denim or a nice cocktail dress or overcoat makes sense since it is something that can be worn multiple times. On the other hand, to spend hundreds of dollars on a sheer Versace plain t-shirt just because it says Versace is beyond ridiculous. The shirt will probably be shredded after a few washes. If your finances dictate that you can afford to do that then congratulations to you. For most people, it is not financially viable.

              Forever 21 and H&M are great places to go for disposable clothing. An outfit can be put together there for less than $50 sometimes. That includes the accessories of a handbag and a belt. If you are extremely lucky, shoes may be added too. Shein and Fashionova are great online options for cheap disposable clothing. Put something together and get a wear or two or a few out of it without breaking the bank. This is very important if you are one to go out often taking pictures and selfies and do not want to be photographed in the same clothing.

              Another aspect that is overlooked is understanding what colors and styles compliment your skin complexion, hair, and body shape. Most clothes on the mannequin or in the magazines are made for size zero people. Full bosom women do not look the same as those who are advertising the clothes. Not only that, but the clothes will also not flow and hang the same and the outfit can be uncomfortable both physically and psychologically if you spend the evening having to fix and rearrange the outfit because you fear a wardrobe malfunction any given minute. Many skirts, jeans, and dresses are not built for those who have junk in their trunk. For plus size people bright colors and busy multiple colors may make one appear bigger than they are which could get them unwanted attention that they were not necessarily looking to receive.

              Sexiness and dressing provocative also greatly depends on the venue and the mood of the event. There are many people yelling about woman empowerment and attempting to shut down the notion of fat shaming or slut shaming. Although these people are theoretically correct and have great intentions to level the body type and gender playing field, we unfortunately are not there at the current moment. Wearing a nude color skintight suit that gives the illusion that one is naked is probably not a great idea for a frat party or a house party anymore than a person north of 300 lbs wearing a bikini thong two-piece swimsuit. The attention that will be received will probably be negative. Jesse Jackson had no chance of becoming president of the United States of America when he ran in the 1980’s because the country was far more racist than it was in 2008 when Barack Obama ran and won. Geraldine Ferraro running as Walter Mondale’s vice president was a novelty that cost them votes during the same election as the one Jesse Jackson ran. Kamala Harris running with Joe Biden was a plus that helped to get them elected. With another senior citizen Caucasian on the ballot with Biden, it is highly likely Donald Trump would have received a second term.

              Dressing to impress is essential to one’s overall beauty. Some etiquette is old, sexist, and outdated. Some probably will never leave. Regardless, dressing up and showing out is not a bad thing. Clothes should enhance one’s feelings of how they look and feel instead of diminishing it. It is great to be bold and daring with outfit choices but the riskier one chooses to be, it is important to know that some risks do not pay off. The game of life is a gamble. Play to win. Take risks. Understand that comes with potentially taking some losses. One can also be conservative in their wardrobe. If that fits your personality, then have at it. Do you. But if you are looking to be noticed and your closet is only full of blacks, whites, grays, and tans, know that you are blending and not standing out.